Welcome to New Vulcan Colony

New Vulcan Colony was created in the aftermath and destruction of Vulcanis Lunar Colony. With reunification between the Romulans and Vulcans the citizens of Vulcanis Lunar Colony chose to remain Federation citizens, openly oppsed the reunification efforts. During a meeting where the late Federation President Lesia Enaren was to speak at the colony, a terrorist attack occurred releasing a deadly pathogen that infected most of the population with an incurable disease. President Enaren was killed in action.

The Federation appointed Gruzy to President Pro Tem, and one of his first decision was to help aid and support construction to rebuild the colony for the survivors of the attack. New Vulcan was established 2429 originally assigned to the command of Governor Karrak a dual resident of New Vulcan and the Gorn Hegemony. The newly appointed Governor helped over see the construction and development of the colony.

At the christening of the colony's grand opening day, the governor was assissinated . A plot was exposed that Governor Karrak murder was pre medated. No one immediately stepped up and take claim over the assassination's. The murder is still an ongoing investigation. The Federation was concerned for the safety of the survivors.

The Federation was concerned for future attacks, or retaliation by or to the colonist. An unpopular decision was made by the Federation to place the colony under the direct control of Starfleet for the next six months. Starfleet appointed Admiral Greg Coulson as Military Governor.

Lieutenant Governor Annie Barnes-Singh objected to Starfleet's decision. She was not alone in the objection. Starfleet advised, that as long as there was an on going investigation that the colony would be under the protection of Starfleet. Her objections were noted, and filed with the courts.

Lieutenant Governor Barnes-Singh was forced to work with Military Governor Coulson for the next six months. During Starfleet's tenure, there was no further attacks on the colony. Everything went smoothly for the following six months. At the end of the executive term limit, political control and power was transferred from Rear Admiral Coulson to Lieutenant Governor Barnes-Singh. Governor Barnes-Singh was sworn into office on March 01, 2430.

Key Figures of New Vulcan Colony

Annie Barnes-Singh

Amara Tanal
Lieutenant Governor

Minster of Defense

Jessica Harper
USS Sulaco CO

Key Installations on New Vulcan Colony

Sarak Administrative Center

Tuvok Security Compound

TPol Vehicle Yards

Spock Training Facility


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Romulan Star Empire

Cardassian Union