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Lieutenant Commander Samuel Barnes

Name Samuel Mason Barnes

Position Transportation Director

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 176
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Currently serving on Ancient Seed Ship "Discovery"


Spouse Annie Jin Dae Singh-Barnes
Children Karrie Dae Barnes 7
Marcus Samuel Barnes 5
Lucy Dae Barnes 3
Father Weston
Mother Nancy
Sister(s) Libby

Personality & Traits

General Overview Samuel is well adjusted and is friendly and outgoing with those he meets. He will talk all day about his job but doesn't discuss his personal life or family with those he isn't close to.
Strengths & Weaknesses Samuel is energentic and generous, he is dedicate to his family and career. He is responsible and punctual.

He can be moody and quiet at times. Also stubborn if he feels what he is doing is right but will yield to a superiors final decision.
Ambitions Keep climbing the ladder of success
Hobbies & Interests Photography, sailing, chess, cooking, spending time with his wife and children.

Personal History Samuel was born on September 20, 2389 in Great Britain. He grew up in an upper class neighborhood, both of his parents were prominent members of society. He valued the morals and skills he learned but at the same time vowed to not raise his children to be seen and not heard. Though he would classify his upbringing as good, he seldom saw his parents, spending most of his younger years with a nanny and then went off to boarding school.

While he was in high school he dated Millicent Keeler, a society girl who went to the same boarding school he attended. They spent all their free time together and were expected to marry after they both attended college. Samuel knew what was expected of him, to attend law school and make a success of himself. When he graduated, he informed Millicent he was going to the Academy to become a pilot, which caused a fight and an eventual break up. His parents were not any happier but they realized his determination to do what he wanted with his life and eventually accepted it.

While attending the academy, Samuel dated Dawn Casey off and on. They finally agreed they were better friends than they ever were a couple and remain friends to this day.
Service Record Samuel attended the academy to become a flight officer. He graduated at the top of his class and was soon assigned to a starship. Samuel served on the USS Bridgeton as an Ensign for several years. While he was serving there, he was given a promotion to Lieutenant JG.

His first transfer was to the USS Mersyth where he soon climbed to Lieutenant and became the Assistant Chief of Flight Control. Samuel excelled while on the bridge, showing his calm demeanor and ability to pull the ship out of trouble, as well as follow orders. He was soon promoted to Lieutenant and put in for a chief position on the USS Delaware, which he accepted and served there until he had eight years in serving on starships.

Samuel loved being a pilot but he wanted more so he left his position on the Delaware and chose to get certified to fly many different types of transportation vehicles and after he passed all his tests was assigned to serve on Earth in the transportation department where he excelled working under the director there. It wasn't long before he was promoted to transportation supervisor. Samuel took on more responsibility and while serving there he completed his testing and the training he needed to apply for a director's position when one opened.

Samuel married Annie Jin Dae Singh-Barnes while stationed there and over the course of their time there they had three children. It was when Annie applied for the Lieutenant Governor position that Samuel heard the transportation director position was available. He applied and was accepted into the position.